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Here we are the first homework from “Cari”:

I´m going to talk about Julia. She is my classmate. She has big brown eyes and straight long hair. She´s 16 years old. In general, she´s tall and well-built. She´s quite pale but in my opinion, she´s a pretty girl. Normally, she wears jeans and jackets. I think she´s really fashionable.
About her personality, I can say that Julia is a generous person. When I need something, I can ask her.  In class, she´s always polite and quiet, but in general she´s cheerful and friendly.

She has a lot of friends and she gets on with everybody!
M. Caridad Martinez Piernas.
1ºbach B
Another writing task from Kenza:

Writing reference

The person I get on with most is my classmate Diana.

Diana is medium high and slim. Her skin is slightly dark and she has wavy and long black hair, and brown eyes. She’s sixteen years old.
She usually wears jeans, simple t-shirts and trainers and in summer she likes wearing dresses and sandals. Her favorite color is red, and she loves wearing red checked skirts.
Diana is a very cheerful person. She’s funny and generous and she’s an understanding girl. When I’m with her I never feel bored, and when I’ve got a problem she always helps me and gives me advices. She’s also a polite and a quiet person. In fact, she’s one of the quietest persons I know.
Diana is very shy too. For example, when she has to speak in front of a lot of people, she always gets nervous. I think she shouldn’t be so shy because in general, we often have to speak in front of lots of people and it will be a problem for her.
In my opinion she should be more confident and she would be a very good person in the future.I’m sure everyone in our class agrees with my opinion.
I hope she would be a good lawyer in the future and I hope she can be very happy during her life.
By: Kenza Midoun, 1º bach. B


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